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Choose one of our northern lights chases to maximise your chances of spotting the lights. We pick you up in Tromsø city centre, do our best to find the lights, take professional photos for you, and drive you to your hotel after the tour.

A northern lights chase is an expedition tour searching for clear sky and driving away from city lights. Joining professional aurora chasers gives you better chances to spot the lights than staying in the city or chasing on your own. It also provides an outdoor/nature experience as we make a small offroad campfire on all our chases and stop at picturesque places whenever possible. Depending on weather conditions, sometimes we need to drive long distances and other days we can spend more hours outdoors by the campfire. We offer two chases that differ in group size, tour length, and what’s included:

Aurora in Winter Wonderland is a minibuss chase (up to 14 passengers) that goes 5-6 hours, which gives us a chance to drive even up to the Finnish border, where the sky is often clearer than at the coast.

The Fellowship of Light: is a more exclusive, longer chase (up to 8 hours) in a smaller group (up to 8 passengers). Chasing longer hours gives you an even better shot at finding the lights. We serve hot food on this tour.

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