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Tromsø, Norway


tailored for you | complete privacy | 4x4 adventure

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1-8 participants

small group

price on request

send us an email

essential highlights


You will have private photo session with Aurora. After the tour we will send you beautiful photos of the northern lights. Everything without extra costs.


You will survive even in the coldest evening with our arctic gears. Our thermal suits are comfortable even in -30°C degrees. Available tripods if you have your own camera.


Do you have small kids? Do you need special attention? We offer you flexibility, we can reasonable change take off time. Pick up always from your hotel. 


Soup is a perfect way to keep you warm from inside and we like to serve local food. Vegan options are available. We will have also a hot chocolate and organic tea.


Do you want to celebrate any family occasion under Aurora?

Do you want photography tour?

Let us know, what's on your mind. We will make your trip special.


Warm bonfire is more than desired in the middle of the night. It's the best time to tell you some northern lights legends and roast yummy marshmallows on fire.


Would you like to share this unique moments only with your loved ones?

There are moments in life that we want to experience only with family and friends. We totally understand it, that's why we offer you private adventure. You can take on a tour, whoever you wish. Do you want to celebrate birthday with your travel buddies? Is it a gift to your parents for 50th wedding anniversary? We will do our best to make this evening unforgettable.

On the day of the tour we will pick you up from your place in Tromsø or even from the airport, if you have late flight. We are fully flexible with that. With only few guests we are able to reach hidden places and give you some privacy. If you want to enjoy the Northern Lights while avoiding the crowds - this is the tour for you. At the beginning we will do a small introduction about weather conditions, possibilities to see the lights and selected locations. We also have contact with other trusted guides to increase our chances.


If there's an Aurora waiting for us somewhere, we'll find her! Hovewer you need to also understand that this is natural phenomena, caused by solar wind. We cannot make for you artificial Northern Lights, unless you have nuclear weapon. We will do our best to find clear skies, but then also Aurora must do her best. Hopefully She likes to show off to positive people, so you'd better bring a good mood with you.

Once we find the right place under the clear skies, we will set up a camp for the evening. We will equip you with thermal suits, but you should remember about comfortable shoes and woolen socks, cause often we have to walk in deep snow a bit away from our car. If you decide to bring your own camera, we are happy to give you tips about the best settings and we've got tripods for cameras. However you can count on our professional photos, cause you are here to enjoy the northern lights with your eyes. When the Aurora appears in the sky, we will take as many photos as you wish.

Sitting by the campfire is the perfect time to eat warm soup and drink hot chocolate. We always use local soups, the best for cold, arctic conditions. We will tell you our stories about northern lights and arctic nature to make this evening even more special. This is green adventure, so we also doing our best to protect environment and leave the place in the same conditions as it was before our visit.

We will drop you off to your hotel or apartment, However this is not the end yet! The next day wait for our e-mail with photos and you can share your unforgettable moments with family and friends.


  • thermal suits,

  • transportation and experienced guide,

  • warm soup and hot chocolate or tea,

  • private group up to 8 people (only your family or friends)

  • professional photos from the tour,

  • Complimentary, we provide photos in 2048px resolution with a watermark. Optionally, you may acquire a printable, watermark-free, full-frame version for a nominal fee as a gesture of appreciation for the photographer's work.

  • tripod for your camera,

  • duration 6-9 hours,

  • campfire and marshmallows,

  • Pick up and drop off to your address (hotel or airbnb) on Tromsoya island. In case of any other places, firstly send us a request.


  • minimum age: 4

  • we encourage you to wear warm clothing and appropriate footwear,

  • we do not offer boots for out of concern for your foot hygiene,

  • access to proper toilet is very limited in the wilderness around Tromso, only nature, it's good to remember about it before a northern lights hunt,

  • during private tours we offer flexibility, so this tour is also suitable for younger children, pregnant women or older people with walking problems. We will try to make this tour as easy as possible, however due to narrow space in car we do not accept wheelchairs.

  • Additionally It's good to know that the icy roads around Tromsø are not favorable for individuals with motion sickness. It's better to take appropriate medication in advance,

  • for cancellation policy read our terms&conditions.


IMPORTANT: this tour is on request
write us an e-mail which day would you like to go and
we will open calendar for you

Thank you ♥ we will write back to you as soon as possible!

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