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family-run and eco-friendly adventures in Tromsø

why with us?

We have travelled a lot and we took a part in many different tours (those good and those, which we rather don’t want to remember). Finally we found out what is important and what makes experience unforgettable. We don't have an army of workers, it's just us and our beloved friends, who help us to create special atmosphere on our tours. So you can be sure that we, as The Green Adventure family, will put a piece of our hearts and souls into every tour. Personally we care about every detail, from local food to the best northern lights photos. So if you prefer to avoid commercial tours and you want to spend a night by the bonfire with us, listening stories from our team and enjoying the northern lights, then this is adventure for you.
We look forward to see you in Tromsø!

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what people say

"As a solo traveler, I would like to thank The Green Adventure for making me feel at home despite the fact that I was alone and it was my first time to visit a Scandinavian country. Kat was our guide for the northern lights tour and I really appreciated her efforts to share her knowledge and her wonderful experiences about the ~ Dancing Auroras ~ with the rest of us who joined the tour. It was definitely an experience I could never find the right words for —and also photos taken by her were amazing! I would definitely recommend this tour for all natures (families, solo travelers, couples, etc.) as the Green Adventure team will always be prepared for any adventure!"

— Angela, tripadvisor

the colour green

How does it make you feel? For many of us, green has strong connection with mother nature. It brings to our minds forests, trees, and without a doubt... the northern lights. We associate green with refreshing, tranquil and positive colour. So we couldn't give our company different name. The Green Adventure always tries to bring you close to the arctic nature, but with the full respect to surrounding environment. Mother nature gave us the greatest miracle - the northern lights, so we try to pay her back. Our team understand, how important is to take care of our planet, especially here in Arctic. On our tours we reduce disposable plastic. For cooking we tries to use only local, seasonal ingredients. We enjoy watching the wildlife, but we do not run after them. We would like to show you how tourism can function in harmony with nature.

if you also identify with these values, you have a green light to book this tour!*

*however, if not, let us convince you on our tours

and feel free to book it anyway

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Do you have any special occasion?

Maybe, do you want to propose to your girlfriend under the northern lights?

Or do you want to celebrate your birthday?

We love special missions, so don't hesitate to write to us.

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