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Probably you are packing right now your suitcase, because you are heading above the Arctic Circle in search of the Northern Lights. During the winter, before you leave the cozy interior, you need to dress properly. It means layered accordingly. It will protect you from the cold and frost, and if it gets too hot (which probably never happens) it will allow you to comfortably adjust your own temperature. We are not sponsored by anyone, so we will not promote or recommend specific brands, but it is definitely worth paying attention to the quality and material from the clothes are made of. A label with the inscription -30°C degrees will not always provide protection against cold during a few hours of hunting, even if the temperature is "just" -10°C. Remember to choose good, natural fabrics like merino wool.



Thermoactive underwear or merino wool underwear. Obligatory long sleeves and long legs. Thin woolen or plain cotton socks.


Sweater or fleece, cotton pants or jeans, and thick woolen socks.


Thin softshell or windshell, waterproof pants with insulation (ski pants work great in this case), wool gloves. If you are chilly, pack a third pair of woolen socks and keep it in a warm place in case it gets really cold. Feet and hands get cold the fastest. A little hint: you can get inexpensive, disposable hand and foot warmers, easily available in sports stores everywhere in Northern Europe.


Down jacket, woolen hat and thick, waterproof gloves. These can be ordinary ski gloves or fingerless gloves. Winter, insulated boots are a must. Forget about sneakers, converse, high heels or any other fancy shoes. Such styled Aurora hunters finish their hunt very quickly, and often end up with a frostbite.

We trully understand that many tourists travel only with a hand-luggage to save money, so it can be difficult to pack all of those things. That's why, if you are with us on our tour, you will get thermal suit, windproof and waterproof, which will help you to survive during cold nights. However, still remember to wear proper underwear, socks, shoes etc.


If you are with us, we provide everything, what is necessary, even food and warm drinks, but those who want to hunt on their own should also obtain:

  • flashlight-headlamp,

  • a bag of wood and kindling (available for purchase at gas stations or DIY stores)

  • thermo flask with hot drink,

  • camera with a tripod.



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